Friday, May 6, 2016

Hurray!!!!! Rainbow is finally published. go grab your copy now!
Cover and Back Page of the new book - Rainbow

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Faith believes it
Hope sees it
Patience waits for it
Prayers goes after it
Love takes hold of it
Character keeps it

Saturday, March 26, 2016


10 things you ought to know about the Master’s touch

One, His touch jolts your senses with the scent of a burning incense adeptly welding the broken pieces of your life into a show glass masterpiece provoking a mix of smoke and balm; 
ask the woman with the alabaster jar and she’d tell you the oil poured out from the vessel is the fragrance from mending the shattered ruins of her life into the prized odour of grace

(c) poem by me, part of an original poem in my upcoming book. Photo credits: My hand pointing to the sky
Scripture reference: Mathew 26:7 -10; Luke 7: 37-38

Friday, March 25, 2016


You remind me of a butterfly
…yes, of a butterfly in its growth phases

You remind me of a butterfly
Spawned from small delicate eggs…
…pregnant with promise
A form of the seed of God's word sown on good soil

You remind me of a butterfly
Hatching unto salvation from the shells of Christ redemption
Breaking out of the egg as a ravenous caterpillar 
With insatiable hunger for the milk of God's Word

You remind me of a butterfly
Moulting away skin after skin after skin 
“With the washing of water by the Word”
Shedding off the old and putting on the new man

You remind me of a butterfly
When as a caterpillar you were not a comely sight 
Having the semblance of a worm, 
…unarmed and weak, 
'Yet God used you as His threshing-sledge, 
Turning mountains and hills into chaff

You remind me of a butterfly
Of its own skin, builds a shelter like a cocoon 
Its chrysalis like a chamber of darkness
A formidable protection from predators and the changing seasons
Yet again, God uses it to “work together for good”

You remind me of a butterfly
Metamorphosing in a stronghold of believers 
In this fortress, you are hidden
Growing to full maturity
“Complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work”

You remind me of a butterfly
At the appointed time, you break forth
Strong, vibrant and radiant
With wings to fly to the ends of the earth
To reveal God's desire for all nations

You remind me of a butterfly
You are growing in phases
Like the butterfly, 
You are about to burst into a new phase… 
…and season of life.

You remind me of a butterfly…
Or is it that the butterfly prophesies of you 
Emerging out of the fullness of God's love 
Decorated for more and more of His Glory. 

(c) Poem by me, I wrote this poem with a special friend in mind and forms part of the first collection of poems compiled in my book - The Experience of God's love in all its fullness Photo credits: photo by me, I took this photo in one of my work stations
Scripture reference:Isaiah 41:15; 2 Timothy 3:17; 1 Peter 2:2; Colossians 3:10; Ephesians 5:6

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The four seasons have been impressing upon us
For years, as if to say we’re not listening
To the melodious symphony in tune to a chorus
Will come in due season and just in time
If the seasons could speak in unison, they might say
All this time we’ve performed a piece like no other
A composition more tasteful than the exquisite works of Mozart
Bridging traditional classics with contemporary soup├žon
So oft-repeated passages that we play off heart
In sync with the Maestro’s wand -
His baton like in a relay race passing it on to who’s next in line
And as if having no clue who comes next
We take the cue from Him to know when to come in
His gestures sets the tone, tempo and mood
We key into each other’s sound to put up a good show
The dynamics are in interpreting the musical scores
Sometimes romping high-pitched tones
So that even we and the audience are taken aback
When Spring strings the violent storm in double bass and violin
Summer plays in the brass fields with flowery details
Fall then comes flooring leaves from woodwind strokes
Winter changing beats struck and scraped by frost bites 
But don’t let the sleek performance fool you
Our rhythm sometimes run against the scripts
But we know then we must be unfazed and keep the music going
Each of us playing our part in due time
In tune with that oft-repeated chorus
Will come in due season and just in time,
though not now but again isn’t later
He’ll bring it to pass, just in time in due season’

(c) Poem and photo by me. I wrote this poem inspired by the words of Ecclesiastes 3 and from the seasons of life I have been through. This poem will be included in my second book 'Rainbow'. Watch this space for the announcement of its release
Scripture reference: Habakkuk Chapters 1 and 2; Ecclesiastes 3